Using Numbers in the poetry of Al-Mutanabbi and Al-Maarri


  • Hussein Khalaf Saleh Northern Technical University



Number, Al-Mutanabbi, Al-Ma'arr


The poetic Signals to the figures are of an important issue , the poetic use of the figure is intentional ,the poet occasionally resort to insert hyperbole and complexity according to events in his life which Sometimes go in this direction , or there are motives behind them, may be intentional or not intentional, these made the poets to make figures as a complement to the poem elements and as the figure adds a grace fullness and influence to the poem ( AL _ Mutanabbi and AL_ Muaary )are two poets used figures conssiously to indicate to a poetic ability and creative movement, because it came as a deliberate move and awareness, but not as an improvisation or a coincidence according to this, the research tries to unveil the figure motivation and discover the poetical equations and their roles in motivating the poetical meaning . The method that the researcher depends on is build on gathering the poetic verses that indicate to the figure which linked to its poetic context this needs to look at the figure and questioning it, this means that I moved from the figure to the Poem and then to the Poet , all of that is to know the progress of the figure .