Guidelines for Authors

  1. The research paper should be authentic and of academic value and possible to be applied to solve a scientific, economic, social or knowledgeable problem.
  2. The title of the research paper should be written in the language of the research paper and in English also.
  3. The researcher's name, academic title, degree and affiliation should be written in the language of the paper specialty and in English also.
  4. An abstract is written in both English and Arabic for papers written in foreign languages other than English; while an abstract is written in Arabic for papers written in English. The abstract in any case should not be of more than (150) words, and should be followed by no more than five keywords.
  5. A summarized biography of the researcher, which should not exceed (50) words, should be written in the end of the paper directly after the references under the title of (About the author), and should be written in the language of the paper specialty.
  6. The appendences, if any, should be placed after the references.
  7. The research paper should not be more than (25) pages of the A4 size; otherwise one (1,000) IQD should be paid for each additional page.
  8. The researcher, if affiliated to our college, should pay a publishing fee of (100,000) IQD, , and foreign non-Iraqi researchers should pay 100$. The editorial board has the authority to exempt foreign researchers from this payment, especially those who cooperate academically with the journal
  9. In case of using Mushaf Al- Maddina software, the researcher is responsible for the appropriate appearance of the Holy Quranic verses; therefore it is preferable to copy from the e-Qura’n that is available on the internet.
  10. The researcher shall be informed of the decision of the validity or invalidity of publication within a period of no more than two months from the date of submitting the research paper to the editorial board.
  11. The researcher should make the necessary modifications according to the reviewers' reports, and then should provide a modified electronic copy within period of not more than (15) days. Otherwise, the paper would be delayed for a period equal to that for which modifications were achieved.
  12. The research papers will not be returned to authors whether accepted or not.
  13. The major references and footnote references should be placed at the end of the research paper according to a unified indexing reference system that is adopted by the journal which is APA 6. Thus, references should not be numbered but alphabetically arranged.
  14. The research paper undergoes a confidential assessment by two specialized reviewers, and may be sent to a third when the decision of validity varies.
  15. In addition to the previous terms, the postgraduate students should submit their supervisors' approval of publication in terms of a form specifically prepared for this purpose.
  16. The researcher will get two reprints of the research, and if he wishes to purchase a copy of the whole volume, a payment of 20,000 IQD (or its worth in US dollar)  should be made.
  17. The published research papers in the journal express the opinion of the researchers not that of the journal.
  18. The journal is not obliged to publish the research papers that breach any of the above mentioned terms including ideological integrity.