The Effect of MURDER Strategy on Iraqi EFL Intermediate Pupil’s Reading Comprehension


  • Ghoufran Fadhil sahib Tikrit University
  • Madeha Saif Aldeen Saleh Tikrit University



The effect, MURDER strategy, Iraqi EFL intermediate school Students, Reading Comprehension


The current study aims at investigating the effect of the MURDER strategy on on EFL pupils’ reading skills. To achieve the aims of this study, a hypothesis is assumed to be established. There is no statistically significant difference between the mean scores of experimental groups in pre- post reading tests. For carrying out the aims of this study, and validating its hypotheses, a sample of sixty pupils have been randomly chosen from the First - intermediate class in Hasan AL-Sumidia Intermediate School for Boys, during the academic year 2022-2023. The two groups are equally divided into, group (A) represents experimental group that consists of (30) pupils who have been taught according to Murder strategies. Group (B) signifies control group which also includes (30) pupils who have been taught according to the traditional method. Making a pre and post achievement test. Both groups have been equalized in such variables such as educational level of parents, English scores achievement in preceding schooling year, and the pre-test of both groups. Five questions are composed to combine a post-test. Alpha-Cronbach method has been used to confirm the reliability coefficient. The discrimination power and difficulty level for each item have been determined via statistical analysis of the items. The entire sample has been exposed to the post-test as a result. The data gathered from the post-test findings have been statistically examined using the formula for the T-test of two independent and paired samples. According to the results, there is a statistically significant difference between the mean scores of the experimental group who is taught by using the MURDER strategy and the control group who is taught by using the traditional method in the pre-post achievement test. Based on the findings and conclusions of this study, appropriate recommendations and suggestions for future studies are put forward.