Culture- Specific Problems of Journalistic Texts from English into Kurdish Translation


  • Avin Nadir Qadir Department of English, college of languages, Salahaddin University, Erbil (Hawler)
  • Wrya I. Ali Department of English, college of languages, Salahaddin University, Erbil (Hawler)



Translation, journalistic Text, cultural-specific, journalistic translators, equivalence


The study focuses on the cultural– specific problems came across in the process of translating journalistic texts from English into Kurdish. Mainly and from the translator's viewpoint, one of the most difficult tasks is dealing with metaphors and allusions which are culturally specific. The study involves a quantitative method. The most common issues in the journalistic translation among all the types of cultural challenges are to be tackled. The present study focuses on English-Kurdish translation of journalistic texts. To achieve the aims of the study a questionnaire is designed for the translators and college teachers who have taught and worked as translators. For the purpose of analysis, examples will be widely selected to reflect the issue under discussion. The study findings exposed that translators face difficulties in translating cultural aspects and item like; Proverbs, colloquial words and expressions, collocations, Religion, gender terms, and politics etc.