Author Guidelines

  1. 1. The paper should be submitted in three hard copies and on CD.
  2. The cover page should include the title of the paper, writers' names, academic rank, affiliation,      e-mail and phone number.
  3. Arabic researches should be printed in simplified Arabic font 14 and single-spaced.
  4. English researches should be printed in Times New Roman, font 12 and single-spaced.
  5. The paper should include two Abstracts, in English and Arabic and a list of the key words.
  6. Papers are submitted to double blind review before publication.
  7. The researcher will be asked to make all the changes and corrections assigned by the reviewers.
  8. The paper should not exceed 25 pages; otherwise the researcher should pay additional fees.
  9. The researcher will be legally responsible if the paper is published in any other place.
  10. The research expresses the researcher's opinions and does not reflect those of the journal