The Omission in Ibn Ya’ish al-Nahwi (643 AH) The Letter as Model

  • Inst. Dr. Abdul Rahman Walid Abdul Rahma Ministry of Education -Second Rusafa Breeding-regular prep


Arabic is a language sanctified by the holiness of the Noble Qur’an, as it has occupied a large space in human civilizations, and had a prominent impact on the codification of all human sciences. Today, the Arabs have not finished achieving them,  due to their huge amount.

    This paper is concerned with the phenomenon of omission of letters because of the syntactic and semantic secrets of omission in Arabic syntax, and the paper approached this phenomenon according to one of our outstanding linguists, namely Ibn Ya'ish an-Nahwi, who died (643 AH). ) The great commentator, and the unique grammatical mentality, and (Sharh al-Mofassal) is considered one of the greatest explanations and studies in our Arab heritage.

    The research is divided into a preface, two chapters, and the conclusion which sums up the most prominent results.

The preface deals with two topics: deletion of letters and deletion of prepositions. The conclusion gives a summary of the most prominent results of the study.

May 1, 2022
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