Incorporating the Subordination into Arabic Grammar, an Original Study

  • Dr.Ahmed Jumaah Mahmood Alhiti University of Anbar. College Basic Education/ Haditha


When some grammarians distinguish between the substitution and the coordination of the statement, it was only a way of saying that there is a phenomenon called the coordination of the statement with the substitution and that obligating the substitution that it is a sign of deleting  the substituted element from which is debatable though it is common among grammarians, and the poetic evidence that is inferred by the followers  is  only the ignorance of those who say, not to mention the lack of agreement on its narration, not to mention the fabrication of some of them, as the investigators said. Moreover, it was the muhaddiths themselves who permitted its parsing and what they employed from Qur’anic evidence as evidence; To confirm what most of them agreed on, that what is considered Coordination is expresses as a substitution   and the difference between them is that the substitution is agreed upon for its existence, so why is its counterpart inserted while the substitution is present?

May 1, 2022
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