The Illustration of Thatcher's Theatre in Caryl Churchill's Serious Money: A social Feminist study"

  • Prof. Dr. Ansam R. Abdullah Almaaroof College of Education for Women-Tikrit University
  • Azhin K. Mahmoud College of Education for Women-Tikrit University


Caryl Churchill 's work  marks  by a deep contribution to both feminism and socialism, as well as a desire to do different experience.  She credits  with reshaping modern theatre and introducing new subjects matter ideas.  Her systematically experimental plays integrate  an examination of gender with the social disparity in British  society. Churchill performs a major role in the development of modern feminist stage by putting women at the forefront of theatrical activity and discussing a wide variety of socio-feminist concerns . This study aims to question the prevailing social philosophy at the time and displays  a strong women that defy patriarchal society and disrupt gender conventions to gain power. Churchill intends to portray women's condition under Thatcher's regime . As in a patriarchal society, women must be obedient, reliant, subservient according to traditional norms and social standards, and they should stay under patriarchal domination by staying at home to raise children without the freedom to study, work, or even to be successful and independent person. Therefore , Churchill wants to examine the success of Margaret Thatcher in the patriarchal society and the consequences of her regime on women circumstances . This study hypothesizes that Churchill  has affected by Thatcherism in her era and this influences her style of writings. This paper starts with an introduction  of Thatcher's regime and Serious money play , then  follows the methodology of the study  and the discussion comes  afterwards and it ends with a conclusion that points out the results of  discussion .

May 1, 2022
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