The Effectiveness of PLEASE Strategy on Iraqi EFL University Students’ Achievement in Writing Skill

  • Inst. Ibtisam Jassim Mohammed University of Tikrit / College of Education for Humanities / Tikrit University


Writing in a foreign language is a big challenge that might affect EFL university student’s achievement in writing and this skill is described as a complex process because it includes both cognitive and metacognitive elements. However, EFL writing plays a central role in today's schools as well as colleges and is yet regarded as a challenging skill throughout academic life. PLEASE strategy has a better effect on the  student’s achievement in writing  when compared to the traditional method. The sample of this study consists of (52) students who are randomly chosen from second-year / Morning studies in English Department / Tikrit University for the academic year (2019-2020). The sample is divided into a control group with (51) students and an experimental group with (52) students. The experimental group had the students who were trained with PLEASE strategy and the control group had the students who were taught with the traditional method. A Pre and Post-tests have been conducted to show the effectiveness of PLEASE strategy .

The data has been collected and treated statistically. The obtained results reveal that  after adopting PLEASE strategy , the students` achievement in writing  were found to be in a good  manner and the coherence of the sentences have improved to a great deal. The students were able to bring out their ideas and concepts in a better way. Their fear of writing had completely gone.  The grammar errors have been greatly eliminated as well .

Oct 12, 2021
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