The Style of Poetry in the Poems of Ahmed Hardy at the Word Level

  • Instr. Beston Adel Ali Kirkuk University


This research entitled ((The Style of Poetry in the Poems of  Ahmed Hardy at the Word Level)) consists of the introduction, two chapters, the conclusion, the results, the list of sources, references, and the summary in both Arabic and English.

     The first chapter consists of two sections: The first section deals with the concept and term of the poetic style, its emergence and growth, and the second section deals with the reasons for influencing the style and the types of style. The second chapter also consists of two sections: the first section deals with word displacement, the phenomenon of introduction and delay, word repetition, and the phenomenon of word addition. As for the second and final section, it dealt with the poetic image, especially the sensory image, myth and symbol. In the conclusion, the most important findings of the research were presented.

Oct 4, 2021
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