Omission of the "N" of Kana: A Syntactic Semantic Study

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Hassan Ali Taha Tkrit University- College of Education for Humanities


Omission and keeping some letters in the Holy Qur'an is one of the diverse topics that has received a lot of attention. This paper is an attempt to explore the secrets of the semantic values of the omission of the "N" from ”kana" in the present tense in the Holy Qur'an. This study is going to examine all the related places in the Holy Qur'an, mounting to eighteen, in which there is such omission. They are going to be studied syntactically and semantically. The study will depend on the opinions of the Arab linguists to explore the secrets of this omission.

    The paper is divided into an introduction and two sections. The first section deals with the syntactic omission of the "N", the conditions and the reason of this omission and the parsing the present tense of "kana".

    The second section is devoted to the semantic value of the omission of "N" of kana in the present in the Holy Qur'an including the outstanding rhetorical reasons behind this omission. The paper ends with Conclusion which sums up the results of the study

Oct 4, 2021
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