Poetics and the Transformations of Semantic Structures in Shawqi Bezai's Poem "Dust Elegy"

  • Dr. Huiam AbuaL Kadhem Ibrahim Departmet Arabic Language -College of Education-University of Al-qadisiya


The study aims to reveal poetic transformations by monitoring the variables of the structures functioning in the poem (Dust Legacy) by Shawki Bazai', meaning that one of the temptations of textual aesthetic research is to pursue stylistic variables and move the structures of the poem at the artistic and aesthetic level, and for this the poem has taken important motivational paths in highlighting its aesthetic output, according to its stylistic textual variables that aim to discover the creative energy on which the poem works in stimulating the recipient, and its intensity to its creative textual circle. According to this perception, our disclosure of poetry and the transformations of the text structure will be based on the structure of the poem itself without relation to what is outside the text, so the study will be focused on aesthetic values and apocalyptic indicators transmitted by the structures of the poem at the level of its aesthetic sense and textual structure. Focused through its active apocalyptic visions and its open connotations with its values and active textual variables on which its poetry is based in its transformation from one poetic pattern to another within a textual transformational process that confirms the movement of artistically functioning structures, and its poetic arousal through the movement of structures and their variables Stylistic in poetic style.

Sep 27, 2021
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