Argumentative Syntactic Links

  • Dr. Shaima Othman Muhammad Tikrit University_College of Education for Women, Dept. of Arabic Language


This paper aims at showing the function of syntactic argumentative linking and how it deals with grammatical rules as they recurred in Ibn ul-Anbari’s book Al-Insafu fi Masa’il il-Khilaf. Parts of a sentence should combine verbally and sensically to give a comprehensible meaning based on certain relations among them. This is called rabt (linking). Linking is a contextual relation achieved in the text via a verbal means which assists reaching at the general objective of the context.

    The paper opens with an introductory section about rawabit (links) as a term in ancient and modern Arabic and Western cultures. The paper sheds light on the syntactic argumentative links including contrastive, co-coordinative, and conjunctive links.

Sep 26, 2021
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