The Synonymous Grammatical Terms in Ibnul-Khabbaz's Tawjeeh ul-Luma'

  • Dr. Abdel Wehab Cheikh Elhattab Cheikh University of Sheikh Mohammad Al-Amin Ash-Shinqiti, Mauritania


Terminology is considered the basis for the actual start of science and its spread among specialists. In order to know the purposes of its words, and to understand the goals of its rulings and its characteristics, the concepts are the translation of science and its illuminating problems of its contents. Hence, the research meant touching the tandam term. The extent of its contribution to the composition of grammar, by making it palatable. Close the intake so that it is loose for all seekers. This will not happen until the term is based on a strong building block regulated by universal laws that prohibit its leniency in its use, and the creation of what would break the bonds of knowledge. In order for the study to achieve its desired purpose, it was embraced in a unique grammatical work, which is to direct the glory to the scholar Ibn El-Khabbaz, trying to show his thinking about the scientific term of tandam, and the effect of that in facilitating the material of grammar, and his contribution to the inclusion of its provisions and chapters.  To achieve this, the research is organized in three axes, and a conclusion included the extraction of the research findings.

Sep 26, 2021
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