Educational and Social Contents in the Prose of Aktham Bin Saifi

  • Inst. Dr. Adil Moahmmad Hassan Salahaddin Education Directorate


After presenting the educational and social values in the prose of Aktham bin Saifi and the commandments, judgments and proverbs we stood upon, they carried a psychological character that corresponds to the exploits of virtues and the praiseworthy virtues on which the righteous family and the right society are based, and it was the most and the one that prevails over the morals of the Arab before Islam in concealment of the secret and the work of good and morals Honesty, forgiveness and forgiveness are positive values that the Glorious Qur’an and the noble Prophet’s hadith urged. Aktham revealed some negative traits that destroy society, such as envy, gossip, and frequent speech. Islam forbids these qualities. From a bad impact on the building of society, it rises to the duality of good and evil and between the praised and the blameworthy as things become clear and the inputs of their balance are revealed with their opposites. A healthy society is one that adopts the values of good and distanced from evil

Jun 1, 2021
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