Mask and Symbol in Yahya As-Samawi's Poetry

  • Inst. Dr. Yasameen Ahmed Ali


The mask in Yahya As-Samawi's poetry is used as an objective correlative of the self, endowing it with his own voice and his actuality. He interacts with it in complete union where the poet's experience melts and intermingles with the mask's personae. The poet endeavours through the mask to break the powerful overflow of his feelings and direct sensations. As for the symbol, it is one tributary of the image that endows it with immortality. The paper is divided into two sections: The first section deals with the mask and its significance in the literary text, its types and example of it. The second is devoted to the literary symbol, its use and its effect on adding suggestiveness, beauty and suspension to the text. The paper ends with the conclusion which gives a summary of the results of the study.

May 31, 2021
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