Clitics in Kurdish Language

  • Prof. Dr. Shahab Taeb Taher Raparin University,College of Education, Kurdish Department


This study is a linguistic attempt to specify the clitics of Kurdish language and to make a distinction between the clitics and suffixes, especially with the inflectional suffixes. It also revises the previous works tackling the clitics in one way or another. The issue of the study is that many linguists have handled clitics, their work is not satisfactory because they regard many other things as clitics. The method used here is analytical and descriptive because the works have been described and their shortcomings have been critically analyzed. The scope of the study shows that it is limited to the level of morphology and syntax and the examples have been taken from central Kurdish. The study is divided into two parts; the first part is an entry for the clitics incorporating the definition, types, explication of clitics, their difference with the suffixes and the parts of speech regarded as clitics. The second part is devoted to the evaluation and revision of the previous works.  

Jan 5, 2021
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