Rules of Appositive Classification in the Grammatical Heritage

  • Prof. Dr. Muna Adnan Ghani Tikrit University
  • Inst. Dr. Mariam Ghassan Suleiman Tikrit University


This paper deals with similarities in pronunciation and   meaning

among appositives which were behind devoting an independent

section in all grammatical books to appositives, although

each type of them has its own rules and signs. However, This

distinction did not prevent them from being classified under one

section with one basis that is agreement between main and

subordinate appositives as well as the existence of agreement in

semantics related to definite and indefinite noun,  plural, dual, singular

and gender adjacent with little exception as in adjectives of cause .

This paper, is therefore divided according to types of appositives into

four sections: Adjective, Affirmation, Apposition and Coupling.

    Each section explains aspects of agreement between the main

and subordinate appositives especially the semantic features

specifically related to each subordinate appositive. Due to the

domination of the structural aspect and the clarity of accord in pronunciation, this becomes the basis of classification of appositives in general or the sub-division of the types of each subordinate appositive in particular. This distinction of each partdid not prevent appositives

 from being classified under one label namely the agreement between

 main and subordinate appositives.

Due to the dominance of the structural aspect and clarity of

accord in pronunciation, it was the most clear basis and  in

 the classification of appositives. 

Jan 5, 2021
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