The Eloquence of the Tools of Attack and Defense in Surat Al-Feel

  • Dr. Mahmood Khalif Khudair Northern Technical University
  • Asst. Instr. Thaker Abdul Latif Aboush Northern Technical University



     The tools of war in Surat Al-Feel functioned according to a struggle between man's  strength and might, on the one hand, and the deadly, great and effective weapons that could be used by him and their destructive consequences that were evident in the use of the elephant to demolish the Kaaba and what the Qur’an provided for describing the requirements of defending the house of Almighty God, which is Represented in the bird of Ababeel. If we want to measure this with human capabilities and the laws of nature, it appears as a small bird that has no significant effect, but the miracle of Almighty God and His strategy in harnessing a small animal to defend and resolve the battle in His favour  transforming the enemies into "an empty field of stalks and straw' (of which the cotn) has been eaten up. The bird, in contrast to the elephant’s enormity, strengthened the belief that God Almighty is capable of everything, for it is by his power that a miracle can occur that puts strength and will in the weakest of his creation

Jan 5, 2021
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