Abu Zubaid al-Taie's Eulogy A Phonetic and Semantic Study

  • Dr. Najeab Wahab Hassan College of Education – Garmian University


This paper is a study of the music of  poetry of Abu Zaydb al-Taei's  (Al-Mundhir Bin Harmla) Eulogy.The reasons behind this choice are its poetic structure which strongly reflects the significance of musically and thus highlighting the seminal dimension clearly. The other reason is that eight poems of the poet's  can called "Al-Asadiyat" for making their them the description of Asad (lion). These poems are distinguished by their metaphorical description of the courage of the lion: Imam Ali; they evoke    lion's  courage and valour.  The research builds its musical reading of the poem on two levels that frame the rhythmic and acoustic structure. They are the synthetic  musical  image, and they deal with the  music  that includes  the metre and rhythm  and rhyme  scheme, and  the  second:  expressive  music, which  included  phonemic symbolism, phoneme  syllables , their  connotations, the  tone  and its  connotations .The search end with the conclusion and a list  of  the  references .

Jan 5, 2021
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