Poetic Stylistics in Hamad Ad-Dukhi's "To the Distant Blue"

  • Asst. prof. Nawafal Hamad Tikrit University- College of Egucation for Human Science


The main concern of this paper is a stylist approach to Ad-Dukhi's poem "To the Distant Blue" focusing on the frequently repeated use of certain sounds, the reason behind using them, their effect on the theme of the poem, the extent of their effect on conveying the poem to the receiver as well as the strong rhythm which they add to the poem by their repeated use and their emotional effect on the happy or sad tone they induce. As for the structural aspect, the paper sheds light on the syntactic structure of the poem focusing on the relations between one word and the other adjuncting words in the sentence and the role the word plays in versification. As for the rhetorical aspect, the paper examines the use of metaphor and simile and how the poet draws his images with absolute accuracy and how they participate in expressing the vision and the psychological dimension of the poet and the result was an artistic value which matches the content of the poem. As for the semantic aspect, it was indirectly tackled through studying the other aspects showing that the use of each expression has a certain semantic connotation whether it is structural, rhythmical or rhetorical. The poet has not used such things by chance; the study reaches at the conclusion that the poet applied his poetic critical vision in composing this poem as is evident in the accurate organization and the absence of negative gaps in the poem. The resulting effect is the dominant distinguished poetic style which is a result of the emotional and psychological condition that hives a clear impression of the sense of belonging the poet feels towards his own homeland (Iraq) and the accompanying pain which resulted from the circumstance Iraq is undergoing.

Jan 5, 2021
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