Religious Intetextuality in Jasim Mohammad Jasim's poetry

  • Rushdi Talal Latef General Directorate of Education-Salahaddin
  • Khadeeja Adree Mohammed Tikrit University, College of Arts, Arabic Dept.


This paper deals with intertextuality as a critical literary phenomenon Known throughout history. Religious intertextuality in poetry is not out of this scope for this poet for he recollects texts from the past, applied the technique of intertextuality and presents them after endowing them with the spirit of modernism and making them open to the future according to a vision governed by poetic language, rich imagination, effective style and this is a revitalization of the religious heritage and a dialogue with it.

This paper is only concerned with the texts with religious connotations in Jasim Mohammad Jasim's poetry in which he makes use of the Holy Qur'an, Hadith, Sufi doctrine and other religions. Some of the expressions with religious dimensions became material for his present texts as a source for enriching his poetic experience because they were rich with stories, teachings and moral lessons as well as their literary language of elevated style and accurate expressions. For these reasons they attracted the poet and tempted him to quote what enables him to come out with poetic texts of religious nature to satisfy readers, who long for the religious past, with literary, poetic art rich with feelings and emotions.

Jan 5, 2021
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