Ladun in the Arabic Language

  • Asst. Prof. Habib Ahmed Ali Tikrit University, College of Education for Human Sciences, Arabic Dept.



      Ladun is considered one of the difficult adverbs to be used by many researchers because it can be used as an adverb of time and place according to the Linguistic context in which it comes. It (Ladun) is used in the present study in two sections; the first section is devoted to its use in Arabic Language. Ladun was found to be linked to time and place indications, and what comes after is parsed verbally in a single word. While if it is a verbal or nominal sentence, it will be parsed according to location. It is also used with (ghadwa) in a special use as mentioned at as (Sibawaih) as well as its use with (shola). The second section deals with its linguistic structure and    pronunciation according to the ten languages proven by the grammarian. The research concluded that there is a difference between Ladun  on the one hand and (lada )  and ( inda ) on the other hand which have the same usage as the word  Ladun .  The difference is that the first one does not come but only as an addition, while the two others ones come as an addition and they can stand by themselves well provided that the accents in which the letter  (ن) Noon comes fixed are more than the accents in which it is deleted, and the reason behind its different readings is due to the numerous accents.

Jan 5, 2021
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