The Sensual Image in the New Poem: A Study of Sa'ad Al-Hamideen's Poetry

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Namis Yaseen College of Basic Education -Tikrit University


Emotion is considered the major basis of the poetic sensibility and it comes at the apex of the activities of pictorial formulation in the new poem. This sensibility is based on words and expressions which are the basic material of poem. These words and expressions are regarded as the essence of poetic act. Their significance, therefore, lies in the style of forming the poem using the suitable vocabulary and the ability to stimulate, form and activate properly and there is no role for the word without this artistic, aesthetic part it plays.This paper is a study of the poet sa'ad al Hamadain's experiment. Al Hamadain is one of the most prominent modernist poets in the Arabian peninsula and the Arab Gulf. His experience is unique and distinctive because it is a live image of an unrecorded human reality. It is a popular, cultural folkloric document of a human and cultural reality which was marginalized for a long time . In al Hamadain's poetry, the sensational image is reflected in its different forms since he is regarded a sensational poet of a sublime type.

Jan 5, 2021
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