Lata in the Syntactic Lesson

  • Prof. Dr. Farqad Mahdi Salih Anbar University, College of Education/Al-Qa'im


Arabic language is one of the living languages, and God Almighty has honoured and elevated it by making it the language of the glorious Qur'an. This paper, therefore, is devoted to لات) ) lata, one of the vocabulary items of Arabic. The paper is divided into an introduction and three sections. The first section is divided into four sub-sections dealing consequently with the origin of lata, the controversy on lat between simplicity and complexity, the syntactic controversy whether lata is a verb and a noun and the last sub-section is devoted to the outstanding languages in which the word lata is used. The second section is devoted to the function of lata, the conditions under which it functions and its relation to the verbal utterance حين hen (then). The third section deals with the Qur'anic readings of the word lata asولات حين مناص trying to quote the scholars' opinions in this regard. The last section is the conclusion which sums up the results of the study.
Jul 3, 2020
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