The other in Zaid Alshaheed's narration: The Example of Jasim and Julia

  • Asst. Ins. Omar R'aad A'sead General Directorate for the Education of Diyala


Arabic narration has witnessed significant development among the modern literary genres due to its potentials to explore the essential issues that are reflected on the self and the other as social and psychological entities. The idea of the other has occupied an important place in the field of human knowledge. This paper, therefore, is an attempt to explore this conceptual level from a narrational perspective in the Iraqi novelist's novel Jasim and Julia. The study is divided into an introduction about the concept of the other and its narrational dimensions, and three other sections. The first section is devoted to the textual thresholds in the novel as texts gaining form through their relations with the main text of the novel. The second deals with the other and its narrational types, and the third explores the influence of the other on forming the self-image. The paper ends with a conclusion which sums up the results of the study'
Jul 3, 2020
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