Reading of Latif Halmats poem(Gorany) according to the method of structural criticism


  • Rebaz Mohammad Amin Education College ،Raparin University Qaladze ، Kurdistan Region
  • Hawkar Qadir Rasul Basic Education College ،Raparin University، Ranya, Kurdistan Region
  • Kwestan Ali Hamakarim Halabja University ،Halabja Shahid ،Kurdistan Region



method, constructive method, criticism, similar, opposing, Latif Halmat


Structuralism is a conceptual and methodological approach to describing and analyzing literature texts. This approach sees the text as separate entity that should be treated independently. In literature, (the author, the text, the reader) focuses on the text. Ferdinand de Saussure, a Swiss linguist, semiotician, and philosopher propounded the structuralism theory also known as structuralism. This approach focuses on the literary text, the text is the center for the analysis. It ignores the author's life and environment, i.e. in analyzing the structures of literary text, Structuralism is general theory of culture and methodology that implies that elements of human culture must be understood by the way of their relationship to a broader system. This makes it different from approaches like psychoanalysis and historical-biographical approach that focuses on the psychology the biography of the writer, the environment, and the social environment, structuralism only cares about the text and uses textual elements to understand meaning. From the perspective of Structuralism this paper tries to analyze Latif Halmat’e poem (Gorani). Dualism is a concept of structuralism, and this paper concludes that Latif Halmats poem is based on dualism. The aim of this research is to further clarify the way in which the Structuralism method is applied to poetry in order to further clarify the authority of this method over analyzing poetic texts.