The Formation of the Sonnet in Kurdish Modern Poetry


  • Serbaz Majeed Omar Soran University, Faculty of Education, Kurdish Department
  • Yadgar Rasool Hamadameen Soran University, Faculty of Arts, Kurdish Department



Patriarchic Sonnet, Rhyme, Shakespearean Sonnet, Sonnet, Spenserian Sonnet


If Kurdish poetry was dominated by Persian and Arabic poetry in the classical period, in the modern period, either directly or indirectly, through Turkish literature, it has been influenced by European literature. The sonnet as a European poetic form has been used by Kurdish modernist poets, especially rhymes of the sonnet fragments. This research, entitled "The Formation of the Sonnet in Kurdish Modern Poetry", is an attempt to present the reflection and the use of the form and rhyme of the sonnet in the poetry of Kurdish modernist poets, who renewed Kurdish poetry between 1918 and 1970. The research problem is related to the novelty of the sonnet form and rhyme and its application in Kurdish Modern poetry. Sonnets have been discussed in previous studies more in terms of rhyme because they are rarely constructed as they are in terms of form. However, Kurdish modernist poets have worked on the structure of the sonnet with many techniques, innovations and variations, which requires a more detailed and comprehensive study. For this reason, the study is based on the literary theories and employs qualitative descriptive analysis approach in order to investigate the texts used the framework of sonnet forms and employed sonnet rhymes.