Image manifestations in the poetic realism of Yahya bin al-Hakam al-Ghazal


  • Yasser Rashid Hamad Al-Bayati Tikrit University / College of Arts / Department of Arabic Language



Yahya al-Ghazal, Andalusian literature, realism, image manifestations


In our research, we dealt with an important personality from Andalusia famous for its beauty and magic, and he is the poet (Yahya bin Hakam Al-Ghazal Al-Andalusi). The research relied primarily on (Divan of Yahya ibn al-Hakam al-Ghazal, collection and investigation by Dr. Muhammad Radwan al-Daya - Dar al-Fikr, Damascus, Syria) 1st edition, 1993 AD, as well as the book (Yahya ibn Hakam al-Ghazal, Prince of the Poets of Andalusia in the third century AH and ambassador of the Prince of Andalusia to the Emperor of Constantinople and King of the Normans 250 AH - 864 AH) authored by Muhammad Salih al-Bundaq, 1st Edition, Dar Al-Afaq Al-Jadidah (Beirut - 1979 AD). And other sources, and this study adopted an artistic approach based on attracting poetic texts and analyzing them to show the places of beauty in which the artistic image was evident, in addition to that other studies are presented in the folds of the pages. The poetic image he has, and the second topic, marked by (realism in the poetry of the deer), came to study the realism in the poet's poetry and the manifestations of the poetic image in the most important purposes for which he wrote the deer.