Argumentative links and confrontations in the art of rhetoric between The Pre-Islamic era and the early Islamic era


  • Rawia Abduallah Mohammed Tikrit University \ College of Education for Human Sciences



the era of early Islam, the pre-Islamic era, linguistic and literary


Al-Hajjaj is a mechanism as old as man himself, but it is renewable by its nature, due to the need of life for it in all its aspects, which gives it a strong renewable energy. Old and renewed , the research approach lost the study of argumentative links and directives in the art of rhetoric between the pre-Islamic era and the era of early Islam, updating an argumentative comparison between the sermons in the two eras to reveal the similarities and differences brought about by the new religion and imposed by the nature of life, since the sermons are a linguistic and literary wealth issued by different queens that had their goals that It varied with the diversity of goals and objectives, and it was also the guide that the Arabs relied on in guiding individuals and groups since the pre-Islamic era, so it remained dominant and authoritarian even after the advent of Islam.