Barriers to Mastery EFL Communication Skill in Iraqi Governmental Schools


  • Huda Kanaan Hamza The General Directorate of Education in Nineveh/ Badoosh Secondary School for Boys



Speaking Barriers, foreign Language, Motivation, Anxiety, Role plying


Many foreign language learners have problems in using the foreign language in an effective way especially speaking skill. So the current paper tries to seek these difficulties through trying to find an answer to the following question: " What are the prominent barriers of speaking that hinder Iraqi EFL learners from mastering speaking?" and by verifying the suggested hypothesis which says" The linguistic aspects are the common barriers of speaking". To prove the hypothesis and to answer the question a questionnaire that contains 15 items is presented to 60 third intermediate students out of 240. The data were analyzed using SPSS. The results showed that the linguistic barriers were at the top of the pyramid followed by the psychological barriers and then the social ones.