Dominant Language and Identity


  • Zainab M. Hussein Al-Kawwaz Al-Ma'moon University College
  • Anmar Adnan H. Al-Badry Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research Directorate of Scholarship and Cultural Relation



domination, language, identity, Arab countries, culture


The main concern of this research is to illustrate the strong relation between language and identity, and to prove how they share a reciprocal kind of relation. Besides other influential factors, language seems almost to determine and establish the kind of identity to sovereign in monolingual communities. The researchers hypothesize that intervention and domination of the English language in a number of Arab countries, would negatively influence and threat the creation of the national identity of these countries. The aim of the present research is to alarm and urge all authoritative sides to take the responsibility to contain and reduce the influence of the dominant English. Some pedagogical significance lies behind this study, like suggestions for more efforts and awareness concerning methods of teaching. In addition, the need to keep the Arab national identity pure necessitates excluding the hegemony of English in everyday life in general, and that of the young generations' in particular.