Feminist Criticism: A Comparison between Jane Austen’s “Emma” and Shashi Deshpande’s “That Long Silence” (Critical study)


  • Mohammed Nasif Jasim Mohammed University of Tikrit
  • Waad Adil Lateef University of Samarra




feminist critique, Gynocritique, match-maker, Male, Female


The Present paper discusses” Feminist Critique” and” gynocritique” in Jane Austen’s ”Emma” and Shashi’s “That Long Silence”, which are Feminist Criticism. It compares and contrasts the two novels in accordance with Feminism. The objective of the comparison is find out the similarities and differences in two novels’ style between English novel and Indian novel. The study applies the theory of Feminist to analyze the concepts feminist critique and Gynocritique are the two important varieties of feminist criticism.The research Problem is the suffering of women under the dominance of the men. The study Hypothesizes that female are subordinated position to Male. The findings show that two novelists raise the status of women through their work, they convey the idea to the reader that women are equal to men.